Sometimes there is a clear path we march along, our heads held high, our goal in sight. But more often we are led down the abstract way where the twists and turns are so jagged that we can't see our way forward. We keep moving along because we have no choice…that is what life asks of us.

As we take each step our journey is fueled by the hope that the answers we seek are up ahead…just around the bend of the abstract way.

Chapter 17-Huntington Gardens

We finally gather up our stuff and head over to Huntington. We are still a little giddy from the wine, so Alice skips through the Desert garden with Jasper stalking her while Edward and I take close up shots of the cacti and uniquely shaped succulents. We wind our way around the paths, past the lily ponds and Jungle pavilion, until we end up in the Japanese garden with it's perfectly groomed gravel beds and bonsai trees. While Edward and I sit for a minute to review some of the pictures we have taken on our camera's digital screens, Jasper and Alice wander off.