Sometimes there is a clear path we march along, our heads held high, our goal in sight. But more often we are led down the abstract way where the twists and turns are so jagged that we can't see our way forward. We keep moving along because we have no choice…that is what life asks of us.

As we take each step our journey is fueled by the hope that the answers we seek are up ahead…just around the bend of the abstract way.

Chapter 28-Renoir Exhibition at LACMA

I meet them over at the museum and the band is just beginning to set up in the courtyard, so we duck into the Broad building to see the Renoir in the Twentieth Century exhibit. The exhibition is full of fleshy women stretched out languidly, and I step close to see the whispers of every color within each of Renoir's brushstrokes. How did he do that? I wonder as I always do when I am able to see his work up close in person.